Yuliya and Marcel about our new 60 day coaching program

Younito Man
Yuliya and Marcel about 60 days program

Yuliya Schamrel and
Marcel van Hove

Visual Friends

An interview with Visual Friends co-founder, Marcel van Hove and one of our visual coaches, Yuliya Schamrel about a new and exciting program for our students – The 60 Days of Coaching. If you ever wanted to take visualisation skills to the next level, refresh your bikablo technique or develop a work-related visualisation project, this is for you. Hosted by Natalia Tsygankova.

The article was written by Natalia Tsygankova. Natalia has always loved words and talking to people. She has put that passion to good use and has been sharing people’s stories in the community radio, TV and print media for the last 10 years. Natalia is also a big fan of true storytelling events and regularly volunteers at the most famous one – The Moth, interviewing the winner. You can hear her own story of moving to Australia from Russia in 1999 here. Natalia believes that everyone has a story – So what’s yours? Contact her today to share your story.